9:49AMWednesday Apr 23rd, 2014

Adjust Your Living Room for Enjoyment

Lifestyle18A living room functions as a meeting place for family members and is one of the hardest working rooms in the house. Perhaps it’s time to consider whether your living room is being used to its full potential and if not, it might be time to reconsider its layout and design.

Gabrielle Bonghi of Philly.com offered these tips on how to create the perfect family space.

1. Decide what activities regularly take place in the living room. Is it used for television, social gatherings, study time or just as a thoroughfare to other rooms?

Prioritise what the most important needs of the room are and, if there’s limited space, you can design it for multiple functions. For example, combine a living room with a home office with clever desks that meld with cabinets.

2. Remove and replace all dysfunctional and outdated items. Maybe it’s time for some new window coverings? Decide what you love and will fit with the new layout.

3. Have a main item. Rooms look great if they have a focal point like an artwork, a striking fireplace or central shelving. These can be used to build the rest of the furniture around.

4. Think about seating. Remember that the comfort of your guests is important too, so ensure there is enough seating for them and not just your family. Ottomans and stools can provide the clutter-free seating you’ll need.

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