3:38PMFriday Apr 18th, 2014

Blowing the Bubble and Buying Fixed Income

Money52Fixed interest bond returns are set to return attractive dividends to those willing to keep a cool head and look at the long term.

Last decade’s fixed interest returns are going to look better than returns from this decade, but that shouldn’t factor into investors financial decisions too heavily.

Rosemary Steinfort, analyst with Vanguard Investment advised ignoring the warnings of fear-mongers.

Steinfort said, “A decline in bond prices, as the result of a rise in yield, in most cases will be offset with higher nominal yields and potentially higher subsequent nominal returns.”

Fixed income investors with strategically placed portfolios have taken in significant returns from post Global Financial Crisis interest rates.

In a list of the safest fixed interest bonds for 2013 going into the second quarter, published by RBS Morgans, Suncorp’s SUNPD was named as a worthy investment. The SUNPD is Suncorp’s effort to cater for the high yield demands of domestic and foreign investors.

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