9:58AMThursday Apr 17th, 2014

Fix the Systems, Not the Hackers


There is always the notion in order to stop hacking; you have to stop the hackers from breaking the law and doing their dirty deeds.

There will always be a debate between people on what is the best way to stop hackers from breaking into business and government computer databases.

Marc Maiffret, the chief technology officer of security management company BeyondTrust, is of the opinion that the real issue is not the people but the technology.

He said that instead of focusing on the people who do the hacking – because as soon as you stop one another pops up to take their place – there should instead be a greater focus on fixing and making more secure the software and technology.

He continued that software developers should be solely focusing on making new investments to ensure data and documents are fiercely protected.

The truth is that most companies do not make the changes to ensure that their IT security is secure enough.

Mainly, it’s a question of financial priorities, with employers too concerned about how much they make, instead of protecting the information about what they make.

This lack of focus has resulted in hackers being able to break inside some of the world’s most protected software systems.

Maiffret believes that unless more companies take a stand and upgrade their IT security, the hackers will continue to have power over them.

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