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Origins of Famous Tech Prototypes

car-servicing2Like a writer who can foresee where characters in a book are heading, a great designer can see how their product will pan out in the future.

You wouldn’t necessarily think to connect the same principle to computer design, but Heltmut Esslinger, the head of San Francisco-based Frog said that it’s exactly that.

ZDNet reported that when Esslinger first began working with Apple’s Steve Jobs in designing the Apple line, the two saw it all. His early slides showed prototypes of the future devices and computers that have set the tone for the entire electronics industry.

What they didn’t foresee was the phenomenal success of their 1982 design of an Apple tablet that has today grown into the iPad. However, Esslinger said that he and Jobs always knew their designs would have a major impact on the technology industry.

Jobs told Esslinger he wanted to “not only be the best in the computer industry, but in the world.”

In 1982, the pair had already designed a laptop but it wasn’t until the first techniques for rapid prototyping became available in the late 80′s that things really came together.

In 1985 Jobs was dropped by the company but later returned to Apple in 1997. Frog designs followed him along the way.

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