8:22AMSunday Apr 20th, 2014

Pensioners Facing More Electricity Disconnections

Electricityconcessionrebates102There are more and more low-income earners having their electricity disconnected as power bills rise – and pensioners may be hit hard next.

Figures released by the Queensland Competition Authority revealed that 1 071 concession cardholders and pensioners were disconnected from their power in the December quarter because they couldn’t pay their bills. The stats show a 36% increase in disconnections compared to the past three months, reported Rae Wilson for The Observer.

Electricity concession rebates have not kept up with the energy bill increases so far and energy prices are set to increase even further in July, leaving pensioners and low-income earners in trouble.

According to Raymond Ferguson, secretary of the Australian Pensioner’s and Superannuant’s League of Queensland, pensioners in regional Queensland locations such as Cairns, Mackay and Rockhampton would have the most difficulty covering the gap between electricity prices and their fixed income.

Ferguson predicted that electricity disconnections will rise with the price of electricity.

“It won’t only be pensioners but other people on fixed incomes will struggle, especially families,” he said.

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