6:57AMThursday Apr 24th, 2014

The Success of Branded Content Marketing

Business421Branded content marketing is a useful tool for any business. In fact, a recent survey by MailOnline showed that 66% of brands and 65% of agencies believe that content marketing is of extreme importance when generating sales. According to Media Biz Net, a new emphasis is being placed on this marketing strategy thanks to the boom of social media. Branded content marketing is now a top tactic for lifting brand awareness, with three-fourths of businesses surveyed having admitted to hiring content marketing for advertising purposes. Marketing messages can often be disregarded by consumers. However, with online content marketing businesses can reach their target audience through interesting content, with the marketing message sympathetically tucked in. 83% of those surveyed revealed they used content marketing for their website or email, while a large number have coordinated with third-parties to build brand awareness beyond their website. 69% of respondents claimed that they will be increasing their branded content marketing budget in the next year.

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