6:10PMFriday Apr 18th, 2014

Vibrant Interior Designer Shares Her Secrets

rugNew Yorker, Anna Burke, is a young, up-and-coming interior designer who has the ability to bring sophistication and beauty into any space, while maintaining the balance between comfort and style.

Burke always tries to incorporate a living tree and a touch of brass into every project and believes lighting and wall colour to be the most important elements to consider when styling a room.

She also recommends avoiding rugs that are too small for a space and furniture that you simply don’t enjoy using.

Burke’s own home is an eclectic mix of found objects and bought pieces.

“I’m an emotional decorator,” she said. “I buy what I love and arrange around those pieces. My fiancée is a saint.”

For Burke, interior design is a fundamental part of living a full life.

“The time you spend in your home (maybe 14 hours a day) is worthy of your soul, your flair and your identity. Surround yourself with beauty.”

She believes finding the right objects and then arranging them together well are the two keys to goof interior design.

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